Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 121

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1989 where Micciah discusses:
Why predictions differ among channelers: Clarity and accuracy depend on the channel’s skill as a tuner; his/her opinion may distort the material; probabilities may be mistaken for concrete truths.  The physical reality we perceive is that probability which, from among many, has reached “critical mass.”  To a degree we can influence which probabilities attain concreteness. View Section
Events connected with cycles in the earth’s evolution are more or less “preordained”; but human actions that harm the earth are “different… a kind of wounding in Spirit.” They are committed out of fear and “the pain” of apparent separation from Spirit.  It is “crucial” that we bless those who commit these acts.  Our compassionate intention contributes to the “M-field” of consciousness that connects everyone, thereby increasing “in vast proportion” the likelihood of global healing. View Section

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