Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 54

Some of Julie’s early work from 1986 where Micciah discusses:
Physical reality as a reflection of the luminous realm: You must learn to live in “the paradox of absolute permanency and absolute transparency.” View Section
Why is it difficult it maintain happiness and pleasure in life? When fear of the involuntary occurs, aliveness is thwarted. This culture suppresses the involuntary, encourages each of us to become “the inner Nazi.” The pleasure of pleasing our parents, the culture, etc., by suppressing aliveness substitutes for real pleasure. We may stimulate “aliveness” with horror, pain and dangerous excitement. In this culture it is not acceptable to spontaneously express love, but we do relate around horror. Learn to trust the involuntary. View Section
How does our culture define pleasure? This culture displaces true aliveness and pleasure with displacement of personal pleasurable feelings onto outer manifestations - power, ego gratifications. View Section
What did the Buddha mean when he said that all life is suffering? He was speaking about attachment to the physical world; as long as we are attached, we suffer. View Section

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