Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 74

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1987 where Micciah discusses:
• An introduction on generosity. View Section
Conflict in organized religions: Many religions have joined with political bodies because they have a similarity of purpose. They are now beginning to come apart because of their hypocrisy and lack of generosity. There is a voice of generosity trying to press through, and a letting go of old belief systems. View Section
How to go about learning to love ourselves as a healing in the world: The compassion you have for yourself affects everything. You must assume responsibility for your own life before you can assume responsibility for others. Start with small things, small ways. View Section
The meaning of this culture’s shutting away of old people in nursing homes and the proliferation of the homeless: It is our fear of death, decay, the rejected parts of ourselves. It is “a consciousness of limitation” that prevents generosity. View Section

[The original videotape is visually too damaged to seamlessly repair, but the tape is marginally viewable. Or just listen.]

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