Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 92

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1987 where Micciah discusses:
Organ donation: Is it a desecration or is it wonderful? It is motivated by a mix of altruism, fear of death, and perception of death as failure. We struggle to save one life yet let thousands of starving children die. View Section
Chemical imbalances in the brain resulting in various illnesses: This type of imbalance affects electrical impulses in the brain. Meditation and cranial adjusting to balance the cerebrospinal fluid are helpful. View Section
Influences on the American economy in 1988 and 89: It brings up the true meaning of abundance, of caring for each other, and finding true sustenance. View Section
Upheaval after the Harmonic Convergence: “How do you reach out to people? Where do you find your comfort?” It is a time of “intense passion and challenge and creativity...ultimately you are completely safe.” View Section

[Due to transient corruptions in the last third of the original tape, we’ll be interlacing stills with viewable program.]

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