Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Zoom Session July 21, 2022
Micciah discusses:
This is a time of transformation. What is in your world? View Section
How to balance love for cats and love for birds, especially outdoor cats who eat birds? In this realm, all creatures need to eat. View Section
How to know more about pets from their perspective.How to communicate with those beloved beings in consciousness. View Section
How can you absolutely be sure that love is the most powerful force? View Section
Trauma in the great turning, the sort of the dissolving of institutions and things that we knew or held, the loss of things, but also that there seems to be a deep tremor of the need to heal from trauma at a deeper level. Connection, connection, connection, connection. Reach out even when you’re not feeling wonderful. View Section
Looking for the possible solutions to finding ways to act together. You want to begin with yourself. Being aware of your judgments. View Section