Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 106

Some of Julie’s early work in channel in 1986 where Micciah discusses Chaos:
Are the increases in personal and world chaos related? This planet is coming to the end of an age. Linear time is speeding up. Nuclear and toxic waste contamination are exacerbating what is a time of apparent disaster. As with physical illness, this is a time of great release. “Plunge into the depths of love in the midst of chaos.” View Section
How do we handle our fear of chaos? Befriend your fears; get to know them. Rejecting them is too much of a suck on the life force. View Section
Relationship between chaos, creativity and love. It is intimate. “Chaos...is the creative soup... It is the principle of life delighting in itself.” Allow the involuntary, the spontaneous. The crushing of natural impulse results in violence. View Section

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