Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 134

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1989 where Micciah discusses:
The enormous power of faith and prayer, even when one thinks one does not really believe. View Section
Why we’re on a “dead run for the worst”: One of our purposes in incarnating is to experiment with choice; we have chosen to explore the deepest possible trance of fear. This is the darkest time in the drama. “It is crucial to stay with your faith.” View Section
Has this world-wide group of conscious healers been on earth before? Yes, many times. Many (especially in New York, and in the United States) were in Atlantis, a race of star-oriented “tinkerers”; another was in Mu, a race more devoted to the earth. “You in particular ... represent Atlanteans who were also earth-conscious.” View Section

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