Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 173

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1991 where Micciah discusses:
Effect of prayer upon world peace: “Your prayers affect everything”; “the more open you are to your own soul-qualities ... the more you are able to serve the whole.” As you perceive how the luminous domain projects itself into the physical, “you are liberated to attend to the physical world ... through the ecstasy of a life lived in prayer.” View Section
The state of our government: Any governing body, as “perceived interiorly, will reflect itself in the exterior world.” The Constitution, as framed, carried seeds of the esoteric notion of service to the whole through the One; this has deteriorated. In the present crisis we return to the “tissue-understanding” that “there is only one of you!” View Section
The emotional charging of women’s issues: In this time of breakdown, purification, and rage, the notion of true cooperation between men and women is beginning to burgeon. “Where the governing body is love,” why would the sexes be at war? “At the same time, you must speak the truth of your experience.” View Section

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