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Micciah July 19 2018 (part 1) (Separation & Oneness)

Julie goes into trance and Micciah starts the session suggesting... Prepare yourselves, changes coming. Separateness doesn't heal. You are all connected to oneness. Cultivate oneness. Make connections to others. Come from compassion. Take care of yourself and others.

Micciah July 19 2018 (part 2) (The Great Turning)

Micciah talks about the great turning of group consciousness toward Spirit. The tipping point is fed by everyone's consciousness.

Micciah July 19 2018 (part 3) (Communicating with Animals)

A brief discussion about how communicating with animals works. Develop listening. Receive impressions into words. And a quick word with the freshly departed and beloved cat, Guy Ray.

Micciah March 8 2018 (part 1) (Reincarnation & choosing a life)

After the introduction, Micciah discusses reincarnation, the time between lives, and choosing who you are with and what you intend to do while “alive.”

Micciah March 8 2018 (part 2) (Dealing with difficult situations)

Micciah offers up suggestions for how to deal with difficult situations. “Become curious.” Go from stress, to curiosity, to having them become a resource for wisdom. And if you find yourself in a repeating pattern, ask, “I this a world I want to live in?”

Micciah March 8 2018 (part 3) (Handling pain & using ‘allies’)

Micciah answers a question about physical pain and if there is any way to deal with it without external help. You can make the choice of how to deal with it. And you can have allies to help you. Also, be careful how you name it.

Micciah March 8 2018 (part 4) (World splitting)

Micciah clarifies the notion of the world splitting.

Micciah May 5 2017 (part 1) (Loneliness & Connection)

After the greeting, Micciah discusses loneliness & connection in a time of anger & fear. Everyone is seeking connection. “The more you align with oneness, the more you make it possible for others to catch on to the energies.”

Micciah May 5 2017 (part 2) (Time, another illusion)

“When you take on incarnation in this realm you come into your body and the illusion of time.” Healing takes place out of time.

Micciah May 5 2017 (part 3) (Letting go of possessions)

“You are going to have to let go of many things, comforts, if you are serious about healing this planet...
Be conscious of your use. The planet is struggling...
Begin to change your patterns. Don’t take more than you can use...
You are here to learn about choice. The good news and the bad news.”

Micciah May 5 2017 (part 4) (Altered states)

“You are mostly living in a trance state of the stories you tell yourselves… You are hypnotized by them and treat them as reality…
Identify the story, find the attachments and pull out of it gently…
The soul embraces mystery. The ego does not like mystery. The great ‘don’t know’ mind…
You are swimming in the great waters of the soul, heart, inviting mystery; being guided into changes that celebrate life.”

Micciah Jan 5, 2017 (Comments on the 2016 election)

A look at the 2016 presidential election and its consequences.

Micciah January 28, 2016 (Part 1) (About trance, Ego, Relationship to a late loved one)

A short description of what will happen in a session and preparation to go into trance. The introduction in trance with a discussion of the ego, and then a question about how one's relationship to a loved one who has passed continues.

Micciah January 28, 2016 (Part 2) (Demetia, Being of service around dying)

Answers to questions about Alzheimer's, dementia, and being of service to those approaching death and their survivors.

Micciah January 28, 2016 (Part 3) (Animals heal, celebrate life)

Micciah responds to the question, “How do animals serve and heal us in this lifetime?” Then urges the class to celebrate life.

Julie Winter July 16, 2015 (How my channeling began)

During set up for the shoot that day Julie and the class got into a discussion on how she started channeling in 1976. She also talks about her current understanding of the process.

Julie Winter July 16, 2015 (Working in channel)

An informal discussion during set up for videoing a Micciah session, Julie describes how it is to work in channel and some of the possible pitfalls in the process.

Micciah July 16, 2015 part 1

Micciah's greeting and then the introduction of a new energy to further open contact with the divine. “Welcome the divine in all aspects of life.”

Micciah July 16, 2015 part 2

"Question: If love is the strongest force in the world, how do we account for al the suffering that seems to be going on?

You are empowered to make choices... Vast love is always present... To cure cruelty, start working with yourself... It is the joy of the great heart of the universe to offer itself to you."

Micciah July 16, 2015 part 3

Question: What about the communication with people who have passed into the next realm?

Julie Winter July 16, 2015 (Naming the new energy)

These small segments take off from part 1 of the session where a new energy is introduced. Both within and after the session, the class and Julie attempt to determine the name of the new energy. Alamara seems the best candidate, but the name appears to be sung. Also included is a nice little discussion of synchronicity.

Micciah March 12, 2015 part 1

Includes the introduction; the ego and time; 'Now is the time to shift the vibratory rate,' 'Live a spiritual life that is joyous.'

Taken during a class with the intention to share and informally give the viewer a sense of being in the class with the energy and information.

Micciah March 12, 2015 part 2

Answer to a question about the overwhelming volume of noise in the world and the lack of presence, people tuning out, not being really present.

Micciah March 12, 2015 part 3

Answer to a question about knowing the difference between inner voices of the ego and higher sources of intuition.

Micciah March 12, 2015 part 4

Answer to a question regarding increasing government intrusiveness and how to safeguard one's integrity and privacy.

Micciah Channel Julie Winter
Legacy Public Access Program Videos (SD)
Program 2

Work on world problems can only begin “inside.”  Work with peace in your hearts and the need to embrace the totality.
Power: power on this plane is the power to choose, and to choose in a manner that is itself empowered is to embrace it all.
Blocks: an attempt to shut out something, something that cannot be embraced.  To embrace is to be liberated.
Sex: an expression of energy.  It is about choice.  Micciah comments on perversions, monogamy, sexual contact where there is no love, love as an awareness of life.  “You make sex and sexuality both more important and less important than it really is or can be.  More important by focusing on it all the time, less important because you don't always check to see if there is love emerging.”

Program 4

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses healing:
The impediments to peace and it involves personal risk.
What is healing? “The transmission of reverence for life. It is something already true that you allow to be.”
Micciah describes the process whereby the “healer” may pick up the symptoms of the person with whom she/he is working.

Program 5

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses:
The qualities of peacefulness.  Alignment with love.  Reverence for life.  “Because you cannot embrace all of life, death becomes a shadow.  Because it is not integrated, you can, as a culture, treat death casually.”
The challenge of staying with the life force in the midst of all the upheaval on the earth. “Work with fear in your own lives as part of your challenge. Continue to do what you are doing. Save the day yourselves!” … This time as a cleansing, healing time.

Program 11

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses healing:
Healing....“The secret of healing is to allow whatever it is to be there.”
Opposition ....“To be liberated is a question of generosity toward life, the way it is.”  How denial and opposition impede healing.
Practicing trust.
The speed of healing.
• Micciah gives a meditation on practicing risk.

(The original video tape is slightly damaged and some repairs have been made.)

Program 16

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah answers questions:
• What is the soul’s purpose?
• Who or what is a true teacher and how do you find one?
• What happens, so to speak, between lives?
• What about using spiritual means to accrue wealth?

Program 22

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses:
Reincarnation, the time between lifetimes, and senility.
The relationship of John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and Abraham Lincoln; and the manner of their deaths.
Accidents and coincidences.

Program 28

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses:
How do souls incarnate aspects of themselves in rebirth?
How do we live up to our potential? How do we recognize our potential and go about creating it?
How do we rebalance and heal the earth after the damage done by nuclear explosions?

Program 33 (Who is Micciah?)

An early answer to the often asked question, ‘Who is Micciah?’

Program 34

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses:
• The meaning and effect of sound on our bodies and in our culture.
Healing with sound.
Exploring the communication of symptoms rather than just getting rid of them.

Program 42

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses:
Avoiding blame of ourselves or others when we believe that we create our own reality, and something “negative” happens.  A judgement of negative or positive comes from the personality’s desire for comfort and ease.  The teachings the Great Self creates for us are beyond these judgements.
Serving others with an open heart.  Working with and accepting suffering and disease without manifesting it.

Program 44

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses:
Time taken to reincarnate. “There is no time… it is an apparent function of the illusion of solidity.”
Surrender “is a loving risk… to be in life in a way that is full of life.”
Karma is a set of resonances that collect around an action.

Program 45

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses healing:
Healing with crystals: plus other types of stones and gems.  Gives specific healing applications.
“Miracle” cures of terminally ill people: a radical, sudden shift in the chain of beliefs about what is possible.

(The original video tape is slightly damaged and some repairs have been made.)

Program 51

Help is available from many other realms other than the physical one. You must ask.
The split our culture has created between light and dark, good and evil.  "There is a vaster energy in which all of the dancing is embedded."
Negation of the ego in some spiritual traditions - The ego "is your little protective outfit when you need it, and it has its own creative possibilities."

Program 61 (Channeling vs. intuitive wisdom)

Some of Julie’s early work in channel in 1986.
Is channeling different from our own intuitive wisdom?  Not really. “Allowing the physical self to experience a whole web of realities and possibilities has always transpired.” Our culture has made this event into a thing and a solid object, putting it into a box called ‘channeling.’

Program 64

Some of Julie’s early work in channel about channeling.
How we perceive our realm, and Micciah‘s realm: “What you perceive as your realm, this world.... is a collection of events that you hold together with the glue of your inner believing.”
Has Micciah ever been channeled through any other physical body?  The channeling realm is available to everyone, but it mingles with each individual’s deep self and inner knowing, so what we know as Micciah is unique to Julie. Some channels connect in ways similar to Julie, others differently.

Program 65

Some of Julie’s early work in channel about channeling from 1987.
Can doing this work, and these rituals, be dangerous or evil?  This work could seem dangerous to dogmatic belief systems and rigid thought forms like those in organized religions.  Experimenting with and revising your beliefs may seem dangerous.  There is no hell and damnation.  However, ritual created with the intent to do harm is dangerous to the creator because “what you create is with you.”
What is the purpose of oracles and how can they be used?  “[These] draw from your own pool of knowing/not knowing and show you what the inner landscape of your awareness is like.”
Why do some people who begin automatic writing or channeling at first get very positive information, and then it becomes grandiose, punishing and authoritarian?  “In the presence of a weakly-developed ego structure, the individual may draw up elements of its own internalized self-hater.”  This voice will then take on the mask of a channel personality.

Program 141

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1990 where Micciah discusses:
Spiritual surrender — creative “drawing in and letting out” of Spirit’s total healing power.  To focus on a wounded area and demand that it “Heal!” works much less well.
Eastern versus Western views on desire and on manifesting goals:  Attachment is mobile and imprisoning; one can be attached to nonattachment.  One’s deep purpose is “wholly complete and always unfolding.”  Be mindful of attachment; match goals with purpose, and they can be realized in many different ways.
Unconditionally responsive God (“the Law”) versus personal God: The Law is not Spirit but the mechanics by which Spirit works.  Spirit’s caring: “an absolute enveloping.”  Metaphysical model misses the “rambunctious magnificence of Spirit.”
Can “higher” realms than Micciah’s be channeled through him/her?  Such realms do exist.  Richness of material fluctuates with the channeler’s capacity as a tuning instrument.  Are we asking the right questions? “Mostly.”

Program 155

Transforming beliefs:  Let them lose their solidity.   Play; invent alternative beliefs and try them on for size.  Reinvent yourself in detail, experiment with trust, invoke Spirit.  Honor the beliefs you are releasing.
Water: We treat it as if it were unlimited.  “We are very strongly moved to ask you to awaken your reverence for water.”  Examine our beliefs about it.  Bless it; treat it as magic and holy.  We do not need to wash so often.

Program 157

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah discusses channeling:
• “Julie is like a TV receiver.  Channeling comes in many forms, experiment with it.”
How to select a channel/trance psychic? “The energy should be experienced as loving, lively and fun, and allowing of choice.  Punishing, judgmental qualities and grandiosity should be avoided.”
“It is as old as humanity, and done in many different ways: oracles; drugs; spirits once in physical form (Abdul Latif); tapping into Great Wisdom.  Julie’s way: her own knowing, combined with that of her oversoul and now with fragments of other dimensions; the personality is an effect.  We open to the wider field all the time (in music, love, meditation, etc.).  Channeling is play — demands integrity, but need not be solemn.”