Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 49 (Chernobyl 4)

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1986. This is the fourth of a series in which Micciah discusses the nuclear accident at Chernobyl.
How can we stay in contact with current world events without getting “drowned in the horror?” “When there is no contact between the personal self and the intuitive realms and the soul maker, then deep pain ensues.” Explore the paradox of solidity and transparency. “What courage included me as a dreamer in this dream?” View Section
Can we control and contain nuclear energy? Not really, in its current form. It is possible to make choices, acknowledge their damage, and change them. Accidents (like Chernobyl) create opportunities for growth and compassion. Our culture has an obsessive fear of death, but no real reverence for life. This specter of nuclear destruction represents this split. View Section
Why did the recent nuclear accident occur in Russia? Partly to make it clear that the U.S. and Russia can help each other; partly to illustrate the soul of Russia as dramatic passion, and the soul of the U.S. as wildness, as pioneering exploration. View Section
Bringing children into the world at this time. Many wish to experiment with living in the physical world at this time. You are giving them the opportunity. No one will be here who doesn’t wish to be. View Section

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