Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 59

Some of Julie’s early work in channel where Micciah gives meditations to individual class members concerning:
The inherent abundance of spirit, or god, or whatever you wish to call it. View Section
Inertia in one’s creative life. Make a ritual that symbolizes binding and unbinding the self. View Section
Regaining a sense of personal power, and shedding obsolete parts of the self. Undischarged emotion must be released. Visualize a path leading you in the right direction, and meditate on it. View Section
Creating comfort and joy in life. You can choose to be joyful. You must uncover judgements you have about yourself in order to allow joy. View Section
Allowing success. Start with self-worth. Examine your notions about success. Meditate and allow stillness. View Section
Finishing projects. There is a fear of letting go. Look at the nature of saying goodbye. View Section
Living peacefully. Aliveness is identified with storminess and upset. Meditate on the fear of loss of identity if peacefulness is allowed. View Section

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