Micciah Channel, Julie Winter. Program 165

Some of Julie’s early work in channel from 1991 where Micciah discusses:
Truthfulness, secrets, and lies. Secrets are connected with shame, and make lies necessary. Holding secrets drains energy resources. “Great wealths” of energy are stored in our secrets. “You lie about your aliveness.” View Section
Sexuality: A dramatic component of aliveness. “Great lies abound” in sexual arena. Many needs for affection are mistakenly eroticized. Sexuality partakes of the bliss of the universe. Bliss: a component of and guide for all life-affirming activity. Sexual attraction: “a kind of chemical singing.” Auric threads embrace at the heart, root, crown chakras. “Very high” sexual relationship has great healing and generative power. We lie about the “landscape” of our desire. Express your love as bliss. View Section

[The tape had deteriorated a bit, but is quite watchable with some tracking errors and minor glitches. It is published for reference.]

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